About Rhino Parade

Be tough, be vibrant,
and celebrate the wild style of it all.
That’s what paper good + gift company
Rhino Parade is about.


Why the name Rhino Parade?
There's something we love about this goofy idea: rough and aggressive modern day dinosaurs dancing down in the street in a bright and fun parade.
Rhino Parade's design aesthetic embodies ideas just like this by accompanying amusing takes of typical well wishes with big splashes of color and a cheerful illustration style.

With the addition of gift products like hard enamel pins and pencils, we bring more celebration to the FUN moments in life. Rhino Parade also embraces the humor in the unexpected ones and finds toughness within a conventionally cute aesthetic.

All Rhino Parade paper goods are professionally printed in the USA, with cards being printed in state. Her pencil are stamped in Missouri. We make an effort to seek out environmentally friendly partners whenever possible.

Fans of the Rhino Parade will lead with a skip in their step and be proud of the messages within. Come join the parade!

Do The Most Good

Our fans & friends use our products to celebrate,encourage, and support others, and as a brand, we feel a need to actively do the same for our communities. We also believe that we have a responsibility to promote an inclusive spirit of happiness and love for everyone.

In the fall of 2016, founder/designer Lisa Mohar began creating products aimed to empower and support. The first of these products were Pantsuit Nation Pins which became a strong seller and raised over $1,000 in less than two months. Inspired by the 10 actions / 100 days campaign by The Women’s March, a series of protest postcards were later created, where a portion of profits were donated to the ACLU. Rhino Parade was then asked to participate in the Brooklyn girl power pop up Bulletin Broads. "Created as a direct response to the current political climate, [Bulletin] Broads supports female-run businesses by showcasing 40 completely female-driven brands and featuring products made for women, by women... In collaboration with Planned Parenthood of New York City, Bulletin is donating 10% of all store sales to PPNYC" (Domino.com)

As of January 2018, Rhino Parade has raised over $3.5K for the following organizations: ACLU, NOW, NAACP Legal Defense Fund, LAMBDA Legal, Southern Poverty Law Center, the National Congress of Black Women, and Planned Parenthood of NYC. Rhino Parade Protest Postcards appear in stores that support positive social change from museum gift shops to well-known feminist book stores.
Rhino Parade will continue to partner with those committed to do the most good and raise money for charitable organizations.

Current Charitable Products:


Hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio, Lisa Mohar is an artist and designer currently making the magic happen in Brooklyn, NY. With an ebullient aesthetic, she works in a variety of mediums, including digital, paper cut, illustration, fashion/textile design, and hand lettering. She can be found in Greenpoint Brooklyn creating with her French bulldog Roast Beef at her side. Inspired by the doings in the neighborhood and her life's cast of characters, the work reveals itself in a myriad of entertaining ways. Before diving into the visual art world, Lisa earned a BFA for vocal performance from The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music.

Lisa’s process includes hand techniques and digital art inspired by various sketches. Using tracing patterns and transferring to Illustrator she then adds her signature style with explosive color. Next, the Wacom Tablet comes into play that utilizes that water color touch to give it that hand drawn look or other times adding affects to mimic her original paper cut designs.