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Breonna was asleep at home when a rogue task-force of the Louisville police broke down her door in the middle of the night and murdered her. They were attempting an illegal drug raid in the wrong neighborhood for a suspect that they'd already arrested earlier that day.
The police officers have yet to be arrested or charged. Breonna's family saw no progress in their fight for justice, so they reached out to our team at the Action PAC. We're hoping to do for Breonna in a few days what it took weeks to accomplish for Ahmaud Arbery. That means we need all hands on deck!!!
Since the launch of this petition, Commonwealth Attorney Tom Wine has recused himself from the investigation into the LMPD conduct that night, the FBI is now investigating the killing of Breonna Taylor, the LMPD Police Chief, Steve Conrad, announced his retirement, all charges have been dropped against Breonna’s boyfriend, Kenny Walker, and the Louisville Metro Council passed a ban on no-knock raids like the one used to break into Breonna’s home, but our work is not done.
We’re calling on the Louisville Metro Police Department to terminate the police involved, and for a special prosecutor to be appointed to bring forward charges against the officers and oversee all parts of this case.

Sample Call Script:
I am calling on behalf of Breonna Taylor.
We demand that John Mattingly, Detective Brett Hankison, and Detective Myles Cosgrove are fired immediately and charged with manslaughter and negligence.
We demand that a special prosecutor be appointed to investigate the Louisville Police Department immediately.
We demand that a special session be convened to ban no-knock warrants immediately.
We demand justice for Breonna Taylor. You cannot shoot an innocent civilian and call it a "clerical error" -- we will not have it.

   Daniel Cameron
Special Prosecutor State
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   Greg Fischer
Mayor of Louisville
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   Steve Conrad
LMPD Chief
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   Andy Beshear
Governor of Kentucky
📞 (502) 564-2611

   Police Public Integrity Unit
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   Louisville Metro Council
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