TailShaker Merch

★ These products don't qualify for free shipping

★ Ideally this merchandise would its own stand alone thing and not be a part of Lisa's online shop, but this is the cheapest and easiest way for us to get merch to you all and for you to pick what you want in your size etc etc.

★ When you place an order, the order goes directly to the company that prints on the garment and then ships it straight to you.  Lisa does not touch your order and has the same information on the status of your order as you do.

★ The price of these items is the exact cost that the print company charges to make this product.  Meaning that while this is on Lisa's online shop, she and The Tailshakers are making zero profit on selling this merchandise.  Lisa is collecting and paying the sales tax, but that's it.

Just a note, if you have bought from my online shop before (thank you thank you!) and you do have a discount code, please don't use it on Tailshaker merch.  Because zero profit is being generated by the sale of these Tailshaker items, any discount you get will come out of my pocket.  If you have questions about this or anything else about this, please ask me in person.  Thanks! - Lisa